Ocean County 4-H Seeing Eye Club - "Puppy Power"
Ocean County 4-H Seeing Eye Club - "Puppy Power"
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~January 22~
6:30 - Meet at Holiday Care Center, Toms River
No Meeting at Ag. Bldg.

~February 12~
7:00 Meet at Ocean County Mall - Center Court for mall walk
No Meeting at Ag. Bldg.

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Monthly Update
Remember to email or call Christine with your pup's monthly update. See "Events" page for evaluation form.

Quick Tips
This quick reference is compiled to provide information about a variety of topics:

  • from housebreaking puppies to obedience training
  • from dog games to emergency preparedness
  • and information about preparing 4-H public presentations.


4-H Project Book


Boarding Kennels

* Try contacting club members to puppysit

The Ark - 732-657-4803
Jackson , NJ

Four Winds - 609-296-2131
Tuckerton , NJ

Dog Ease Daycare and Kennels - 877-717-3647
Shrewsbury, NJ (other locations)


Contact Christine and Barbara whenever your pup is put in a
kennel or another club member puppysits.



24 Hour Emergency Care

Red Bank Veterinary Hospital 732-747-3636

197 Hance Ave.
Tinton Falls , NJ 07724

Jersey Shore Veterinary Emergency Services 732-363-3200
1000 State Hwy 70
Leisure Square Mall
Lakewood , NJ


Whenever your pup needs emergency care, contact Christine. If you can not reach Christine, leave a message then contact The Seeing Eye
The emergency veterinarian should contact The Seeing Eye's veterinarian (973-539-4425) to give an update on your pup.


Review Your Obedience Training Techniques

I.                Holding the leash

A.  Puppy is on your left side

B.    Most of leash is folded in right hand

C.    Left hand with knuckles facing front is placed on leash near dog

II.              Training Collar  (Pup is 6 months old)

A.    Size - 2" longer than the measurement of dog's neck

B.    After slipping chain through one ring make a "P", then place over dog's head

III.            Voice

A.    Loud and clear

B.    Pitch

1.     High - praise

2.     Medium - command

2.     Low - correction

C.    Say dog's name then command (e.g. Spot, forward;  Spot, sit..)

D.    Give words of encouragement as you work your dog (e.g. Good girl/boy;  obedience reminder - Spot, forward)

E.     Make training a positive experience!

IV.            Obedience Commands  - consult Seeing Eye Manual

(These are the only commands that should be used with your pup.)

A.    Forward

B.    Sit

C.    Down

D.    Come (recall)

E.     Rest 

F.     Hup-hup (faster pace)

G.    Steady/easy (slower pace)

H.    Consult Seeing Eye Manual (Section 5, 8, 11) for using: Park time, Quiet, Off, and Stay back

V.              Corrections

A.    Anticipating your pup's reaction in various situations will help you to get your dog's attention before it gets distracted

B.    Focus pup on work

1.     Talk to pup when you anticipate a reaction to the surroundings

2.   Give an obedience command (e.g. Spot, sit;  Spot, hup-hup)  

C.    Verbal

1.     Say in a low pitched voice:  No/Shame/Stop it

2.     Immediately after giving a correction, give the pup a command (Spot, sit; Spot, come- lots of praise when command is completed) so the pup can have a behavior success and a positive interaction with you.

3.     As your pup grows older, a verbal correction may be the only correction that you will have to make in some situations

4.     Verbal corrections can be used in combination with collar corrections

D.    Collar

1.     Pop collar by using a sharp tug on it

2.     Place training collar high behind pup's ears

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I. Young pups need to empty frequently

A.  Within a half hour after eating

B.  After sleeping

C. After playing

II.  Park Time Cues

A.  Watch for behavior cues from your pup that will indicate it needs to empty

1. sniffing

2. going near the door

3. restless

4.(See Section I.)

B.  Confining your pup to the kitchen, a small area, or on a leash attached to you or a chair where you are sitting is helpful in learning your pup's routine and getting it accustomed to living in a home

C.  As you learn your pup's routine, recognize park time cues and the pup learns your routine, the pup can gradually gain more freedom in your home 

III. Training your pup to empty outside (Park Time)

A.  When you are ready to take your pup out to empty, put a leash on it then say, "Outside"

B. Select a designated area on your property where your pup can empty

C. Stand in one spot and let pup circle around you, while repeating, "Park time"

D.  As pup empties, calmly say, "Good boy/girl - park time- good boy/girl"

E.  After pup has finished emptying, excitedly say, "Good boy/girl, (Pup's name)", give a pat, then bring pup back in the house or let it play

F.  Try to use the same door and designated area when going outside for park time

G.  Always have your puppy park before playing outside, going for a walk, going in the car, or going back in the house after playing

H.  When housebreaking, limit water intake in the evening

IV. Correction for Puppy Accidents

A.If your pup begins to empty in the house, startle the pup by saying, its name, "No", or making some noise

B.  When the pup stops emptying, scoop the pup up and take it outside to its designated area to empty - say, "Park time" (See Section III. C.)

C. Correct this negative behavior (as above) ONLY if you catch the pup in the act of emptying

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  Appropriate Puppy Games

I.  Retrieving

A. Put leash on pup when learning this game

B.  Select a toy

C. Throw the toy a few feet away and say, "Get the toy" (Lead pup to toy)

D.  When pup gets the toy, praise, then say, "(Pup's name) Come" and lightly tug on leash

E.  Give pup lots of praise when it returns

F.   To get the toy out of the mouth, say, "Out" or "Drop it" and carefully remove toy - give lots of praise

G. This game is fun and reinforces the 'come' command and 'out' command

II.  Hide and Seek

A. Put leash on pup when learning this game

B. Show the toy to the pup then hide the object

C. Say, "Find the toy" (when your pup is learning this game, you will need to help the pup find the toy)

D. Give lots of praise when the toy is found

E.   Continue play as above in Section I. F.

III.   Avoid Rough Play

A. Reinforces aggressive behavior

B. Do not encourage growling

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Appropriate Toys
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Helpful Hints for Presentations

Presentatons are a great way to gain experience, skills, & confidence in speaking in front of a group.
* 4-H members in their 1st two years must complete a presentation at a club meeting.
* 4-H members in their 3rd year & beyond must complete a public presentation at county level to be considered for Gold Medals. A presentation at county level can be at county presentation night or in a public place with documentation.

Introduction: Catch your audience's attention

    • Ask a question
    • State an interesting fact
    • Use a statistic
    • Tell a brief story

Ø     Briefly give an overview of what your presentation is about

Ø     Tell why it is important

Body: Information and details

    • Be organized
    • Use a logical order
    • Visuals help to keep your audience interested
    • Use props if possible (animal, equipment, etc.)

Ø     Cover all labels on name brand items

Ø     Set up props on one side of the table in the order they are to be used.  After the prop is used, move it to the other side of the table.

  • Use charts - stating or illustrating key concepts

Ø     Letters should be easily read from the back of the room - 2-3 inches high

Ø     Large picture

Closing: Summary of presentation

    • Briefly summarize the key points of your presentation
    • Use KEY words (highlight them on a chart)
    • Leave your audience with a closing remark of how they can use the new knowledge that they gained

Ø     ASK: "Are there any questions?"

Ø     If you don't know an answer, it is okay.  SAY: "I don't know, but I would be glad to find out."

Ø     At the end SAY: "Thank you."


Ø     Use a loud and clear voice

Ø     Length of presentation:


Time (in minutes)

Prep Member
to 4th Grade


5th - 7th


8th - 13th


Ø    Practice, practice, practice

Ø Have FUN

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