Ocean County 4-H Seeing Eye Club - "Puppy Power"
Ocean County 4-H Seeing Eye Club - "Puppy Power"
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~January 22~
6:30 - Meet at Holiday Care Center, Toms River
No Meeting at Ag. Bldg.

~February 12~
7:00 Meet at Ocean County Mall - Center Court for mall walk
No Meeting at Ag. Bldg.

& O. C.Fair Guide

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Remember to email or call Christine with your pup's monthly update. See "Events" page for evaluation form.
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2012 Entertainment Books
Entertainment Books

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Before the start of a Lakewood Blue Claws baseball game, several Seeing Eye puppyraisers with their dogs stand in front of the statium.
While the 4-H family is raising their Seeing Eye Puppy, it is their responsibility to expose the pup to many different situations. As a club we often travel by train, bus, or ferry to various locations to expose the puppies to sights and sounds that they may encounter as future dog guides for the blind.
The trips have included such places as: Historic Cold Spring Village, Lakewood Blue Claws Baseball Game, Newark Airport, Liberty Science Center, Camden Aquarium, Philadelphia, and the Statue of Liberty.
A Black Labrador Retriever sits quietly during a baseball game.
Supporting this fundraiser will donate $6.00 to "Puppy Power" Ocean County 4-H Seeing Eye Club and will help defer the cost of trips.
If you would like more information about ordering a book, email us at [email protected]. Also, you can order a book directly from Entertainment Books.
Thank you for your interest.


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