Ocean County 4-H Seeing Eye Club - "Puppy Power"
Ocean County 4-H Seeing Eye Club - "Puppy Power"
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~January 22~
6:30 - Meet at Holiday Care Center, Toms River
No Meeting at Ag. Bldg.

~February 12~
7:00 Meet at Ocean County Mall - Center Court for mall walk
No Meeting at Ag. Bldg.

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Remember to email or call Christine with your pup's monthly update. See "Events" page for evaluation form.
About Us

Golden Retriever puppy lying on the floor.

We are a group of volunteers that raise puppies for The Seeing Eye.  Puppies are brought to our homes when they are 7 weeks old.  It is our job to teach basic obedience, give them social exposure, and lots of love.


Our club meets twice a month on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month.   Meeting time is 7:00 p.m at the Rutgers Cooperative Extension building on Whitesville Rd. (Rt.527) in Toms River, NJ.   While at the meetings we socialize the pups to each other and to other people.  We use the stairs and the elevator for added exposure.   Also, we go over basic obedience training and review good puppy manners.
    We have taken our puppies on many field trips, both near and far.  Some trips have included visits to the Liberty Science Center, The Franklin Institute, and watching a Lakewood Blue Claws baseball game.  In addition, we have gone on many train rides, bus rides and even for a ride on the Cape May Ferry.


During the school year, we give presentations at various schools and community organizations throughout Ocean County. The summer months are busy as well with the many library presentations that are scheduled through the Ocean County Library system.  One of our favorite summer activities with our puppies is going to the beach.


Golden Retriever puppy playing with a toy.

When a pup reaches the age of 13 - 15 months, it returns to The Seeing Eye for formal harness training.  After this training is finished and before the dog is matched with its blind person, we are invited to observe them on a "Town Walk" with their trainer.

For further information on raising a puppy, visit The Seeing Eye web site www.seeingeye.org and contact the area coordinator.

For more information about other 4-H programs, please contact the Ocean County Rutgers Cooperative Extension Office at (732) 349-1227.

Email us at [email protected] .


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